07 Aug 2023

The Future of Hadef Series – Part 1

Authored by: Hadef & Partners Press Office

The Future of Hadef Series – Part 1

Hayfaa Nasri

  1. What inspired you to pursue a career in law, and to join Hadef & Partners?

Throughout secondary education, I became more and more fascinated with the world of law and grew to believe that it would suit my personality and way of thinking. During my University studies, I became absolutely enamoured by the law’s unique allure. Although the law does not have its own alphabet, its vocabulary and structure enticed me.

Hadef & Partners attracted me due to the firm’s market reputation and the impressive range of lawyers at the firm. Having joined the firm, I am inspired by everyone’s commitment and the pride taken in all aspects of the work.

  1. How has your experience as a trainee at Hadef & Partners helped shape your career goals?

My experience at Hadef & Partners has been exciting and enlightening, because the firm is able to provide a diverse set of experiences that are transforming me into the lawyer I wish to become. In addition, the exposure gained throughout the training process allows the trainee to navigate options with the objective of identifying the specialization that best suits one’s personality, character and skills.

  1. Is there any specific area of law that you are passionate about and considering specializing in?

I am currently considering specializing in Corporate and M&A because I find the variety and details to be fascinating. I enjoy the due diligence process and assessing the various corporate structures. This stage is often followed by the transformation of the entity into the form that the stakeholders envisage and need. I enjoy understanding the different dynamics of each company and potentially seeing new entities emerge as the journey evolves.

  1. What skills or qualities do you believe are essential for a successful lawyer in today's dynamic legal environment?

For lawyers to be considered successful, they should demonstrate characteristics expected within the law. Integrity, dignity and honour rank among the key qualities. Lawyers are also expected to be able to adjust to differing situations and objectives. This professional flexibility allows us to address any challenge encountered by identifying innovative and practical solutions, in the best interests of our clients. These attributes, and many more positive qualities, are exhibited on a daily basis by my colleagues at Hadef & Partners.

  1. How do you envision the future of the legal industry and how would you like to contribute to it?

In a world where technology is an increasingly integral part of our lives, it is imperative that we utilize available tools to enhance our knowledge and our working methodology. We should welcome change while ensuring that the essence of the law and our profession is upheld.

  1. What opportunities for growth and development have you encountered at Hadef & Partners, which have been instrumental to your professional journey?

I have been presented with some wonderful opportunities which have been extremely beneficial to my professional journey. For example, the legal research that I conducted in relation to carbon offsets, whereby I was assigned to identify any legal instrument regarding carbon offsets, and any precedent regarding carbon offset transactions in the UAE. Fulfilling the task required me to understand the underlying concepts and research the topic in detail. The exercise taught me that the practice of law goes significantly beyond a simple review of the laws and regulations, but also requires the lawyer to understand the business intentions, and to apply business acumen and common sense.

  1. What advice would you give to law students who may consider joining Hadef & Partners?

I advise law students considering Hadef & Partners to have an open mind and be mentally prepared for the rich and diverse experiences you will encounter. The exposure that Hadef & Partners provides is unique in the context of the UAE. The firm has an impressive reputation regionally and internationally. The largest global firms are clients of the firm and the work generated is varied and fascinating. Hadef & Partners works with leading government and private sector clients on a plethora of matters that range between traditional assignments, distinctive and interesting ventures, and pioneering subjects in the UAE legal environment. Gaining such experience, in tandem with capable colleagues, will help you to rapidly evolve into the proficient and respected lawyer you wish to become.