29 Jul 2021

The International Arbitration Review: UAE Chapter

Authored by: Matthew Page, John Smy and Alexander Wagg

The 12th edition of The International Arbitration Review was recently published by Law Business Research and provides an analytical overview of what has occurred in each of the important arbitration jurisdictions during the past year.

In this chapter, Matthew Page, Partner, John Smy, Partner, Head of Engineering & Construction, and Alexander Wagg, Associate present an analysis of arbitration in the UAE, capturing key recent developments, the current legal framework and discussing some of the most significant matters for comment in this jurisdiction.  

To access the full chapter on Arbitration in the UAE, please click here.


*Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd . This article was first published in July 2021 by editor James H. Carter. For further information please contact Nick.Barette@thelawreviews.co.uk