08 Sep 2020

Hadef & Partners with the Dubai Land Department: Real Estate Initiative

Authored by: Ashraf Sayed

The Dubai Land Department (“DLD”) has appointed Hadef & Partners under the Real Estate Lawyer Initiative (the “REL Initiative”) to provide certain services in relation to real estate transactions in the Emirate of Dubai. 

The REL Initiative was introduced by the DLD with the aim of promoting growth in the real estate sector and also to enhance the transparency and ease of purchasing and selling real estate in the Emirate of Dubai.    

According to the World Bank, which tracks 190 economies, the UAE ranks 10th in respect of ease of registering properties and protection of property rights and the REL Initiative will help strengthen this ranking.    

Simplifying conveyancing processes and providing comfort to real estate investors are key objectives of the DLD. Under the REL Initiative, Hadef & Partners is authorised to undertake due diligence and searches of Dubai properties registered on the DLD database, certify corporate documents for property ownership structures and provide escrow services. Certifying ownership structures reduces the substantial costs and timeframes of having foreign company documents notarised and legalised in other jurisdictions.

Should you require additional information about this initiative, please contact Ashraf Sayed, Partner and Head of Real Estate or Philip Sequeira, Head of Real Estate Regulatory.


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